SportsIQ is the number one competitive baseball game.

Baseball is for everyone

SportsIQ is able to get players and teams from little league to college-level talking, thinking, and understanding situational baseball without a coach in the room.

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Improve your situational baseball IQ, learn the rules of the game, and stay laser-focused for when the game is on the line!

Baseball Players

Elevate Your Game To The Next Level

Enhance Baseball Knowledge Through Interactive Games

Compete with Teammates

Master Situational Baseball 24/7

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Coaches & Parents

Unique Preparation for ALL ages

Ability for Players To Prep Anytime/Anywhere

Interactive Games That Makes Learning Competitive & Fun

Monitor Top Players Of The Game Through Leaderboards

So, What’s Included?

SportsIQ memberships are updated weekly with Positional and Situational Baseball games, Umpire and Rule Games that apply to all leagues of play.

Build Baseball Knowledge

SportsIQ was created by experienced players, coaches, and umpires who know the game. Improve your knowledge of the game and your situational skills through training games that will enhance your baseball IQ and improve performance on the field.

Mounties Baseball Academy@Charlie & Willie George Park,Springdale,Arkansas,by Mark Strickland

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Get better at the sport you love and advance your baseball IQ, while earning swag three times a month for active subscribers.


One of the greatest gifts of baseball is teamwork. SportsIQ allows teamwork to take on a whole new meaning and by giving teammates more opportunity to work together right at their fingertips off the field 24/7!

Kevin Millar

MLB Network's Kevin Millar Partners with SportsIQ

Intentional Talk Host and World Series Champion (2004) Kevin Millar, is a former professional baseball first baseman and outfielder who played in the MLB and is a current analyst for the MLB Network. He played in the MLB for the Florida Marlins, Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles, and Toronto Blue Jays from 1998 through 2009. Read More

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