Optimizing Baseball Nutrition

Nicole Hoskens Nicole Hoskens · March 23, 2021

The food you eat today and tomorrow impacts your training performance, strength, and even recovery. Optimizing your nutrition will maintain your energy levels during practices/games, improve concentration levels as well as improve your performance on and off the field. After researching the most up-to-date baseball and sports nutrition papers, these 10 educations cut out the fluff to provide you the most straightforward advice and tips to improve your nutrition status today.

Each nutrition topic is digestible one page long, which you can reference whenever you need some help. Each education will give you the examples you need to bring it into reality from hydration to grocery lists to what your plate should look like post-game.

If you are ready to level up your nutrition and have an edge over other athletes, pick a topic and let’s start fueling your body for performance.

Course Outline

  • Baseball and nutrition Intro
  • Pre Game Nutrition
  • During Game Nutrition
  • Postgame/ hard training day Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Nutrition Goals 9-13yr
  • Nutrition Goals 14-18yr
  • Athletes plates: What your plate should look like
  • Grocery Store Guide
  • Meal Ideas Prior to Game
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Program Includes

  • 10 Sections